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Basin Industries will always be quick and easy. We provide a customer cash area where you get paid for your metal products, with zero fuss.



Bright and Shiny Copper

  • Must be clean, bright, and new-looking,.
  • Should be an electrical current carrying copper wire.
  • Medium to heavy gauge wire, not light weight.

Standard Copper Tubing

  • It is acceptable to have calcification inside, but cannot be excessive.
  • May be zinc or nickel coated, painted, etc.

Water Heaters and other Appliances

  • We accept a number of products, including water heaters, washers, dryers, heaters, etc.

Aluminum Cans

  • Can be crushed or uncrushed
  • Be sure they are emptied
  • Aluminum foil and other aluminum are considered aluminum sheet and should be kept separate from cans.
  • CRV value printed on cans are not currently valid in Utah, and aluminum can values vary.

Cast Aluminum

  • Is a lower value aluminum and is created by casting a molten mix of 356 and 380 aluminum.
  • Should be clean, by removing contaminants like paint, glass, wood, or iron.
  • Non magnetic, can be verified by magnet for iron contaminants.

Aluminum Siding

  • Should not be magnetic.
  • Lower value aluminum.
  • Should be free of contaminants.

Prepared Iron

  • Most valuable scrap iron we buy.
  • Heavy, at least a 1/4" thick.
  • Must be cut down to smaller pieces, no more than 5 feet long and no more than 2 feet wide

Unprepared Iron

  • Must be heavy iron.
  • Does not need to be cut.
  • Often times include tractors, equipment, tanks, etc.

Used Cars

  • You must have the car title in order to sell it as scrap.
  • No car preparation is required to sell.
  • We pay by the pound, as with other metals.