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Why We Do It

As a young boy, Scott Bingham (owner), earned a small income by salvaging items that had been thrown away by other people.  He would sell these items, often as scrap, and pocket the cash.  Before long, he realized a second benefit from these salvaging activities: the area from which he took the items was cleaner, nicer, and healthier.  This desire for a neat and healthy planet let him to start his own metal recycling business.


In 1993, The company motto stated their purpose:  "Recycling Metal for a Better Community to Build a Better Nation."  This motto is based on Scott Bingham's main philosophy: 'the planet isn't getting any bigger.' Once a piece of metal goes into a landfill, its life is over.  If we can recycle it, it has a new life.  What comes in during one day is processed and sent to the mills.  It is realistic that within three days it's new metal again, instead of using tax dollars to pay for a landfill funeral.'